Conveying a school’s code of values through design

case study

Expressing school values in its environment, pupils, teachers and families

Hitherfield Primary School & Children’s Centre is a Lambeth Community School in Streatham, it provides a caring, friendly and stimulating learning environment for children between the ages of 3-11 years old.


Problems the institution was facing as we researched the school

The school had been working hard to identify a set of key values that truly represented the way the school worked with the pupils and their families.
However, they needed ideas to bring these values to life in a way that they would fully engage pupils, staff and parents.


Suggestions to improve the credibility of the school’s values

As a discovery process, teachers and pupils participated in workshops of activities related to each of the school values. This was documented and it resulted in a body of content which truly represented Hitherfield School. This was subsequently used to form a set of long term creative ideas for the school to use in its environment, and within future internal and external facing design materials.

For example, graphic elements and some of the typography used in the prospectus came from pupils’ contribution during the workshops.


The value of this work resulted in…

Genuine interaction between the school, its pupils and families in specially devised workshops set out as part of the discovery process.

The school spirit is credibly expressed in its values as they moved from being generic buzzwords, into values that truly represented the honest relationship between the school, its pupils and their parents.

The subsequently designed prospectus underlined the strength of these values, using them as a framework in which to present the school’s vision.

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