How best to showcase a unique arts and crafts educational business to both English and Brazilian audience?

Case study

Improving the visibility of an after school art space for 1 to 9 year-olds

Quintal is a creative space in São Paulo offering activities focusing in art, theatre, carpentry and several other workshops.


Problems the business was facing as we researched their company

Quintal had a good brand identity but it was not getting exposed enough, and therefore not reaching their ideal audience.

It was an interesting business proposition and had a wealth of opportunities and internal projects but not being capitalised on. As a consequence, it had poor peer credibility (not reaching the ever so important network of industry Blogs and Press).

The current website was in the native language only, when in fact a big proportion of their children’s parents are European ex-pats currently living in Brazil.

Their existing agency was failing to support the business’ development or to accurately convey the school’s creativity and unique proposition.

Quintal also had a large archive of beautiful imagery created by the children during the school’s creative workshops and activities, but had no efficient means of sharing it.


Suggestions to improve the visibilty of Quintal online

Scheduling quality editorial content to highlight nursery’s specialist range of activities

Improving the current website so it showed bi-lingual content and displayed beautifully on mobiles (many parents were primarily looking for the school’s information using their phones)

Creation of a calendar of activities both on- and offline that is editable by the staff

Improving the quality and strategy of direct marketing to properly reflect the school’s proposition and vision

Auditing of existing imagery and creating a way of sharing it online and on social media

Improvement of the website’s ranking in search engines


The value of this work resulted in…

Quintal is now one step ahead of its competitors; its content is shared on social media and local blogs, increasing its credibility and creating a benchmark in the industry.

The business has improved its visibility on industry blogs, in the local press and amongst well known creative professionals, who want to be involved with offering their services at the school.

The staff now have the ability to edit the school’s calendar of activities more regularly and easily, improving the interaction between the school and the parents.

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